Z.o.n.e. L.i.n.k.

Zone Link is a cross mod compatible addon which attemps to bring stalkers closer via online features such as communication via chat system, interactions such as trading and many more.

You can find all you need to know below as well as by accessing the documentation or our discord server.

Unfortunately the trailer is still unavailable since the addon is still under development. You can instead check out the dev streams.

In order to use Zone Link all you need is the Client application which will provide you with interaction features, mod management system, a game to get rich and lots of settings.

In Development


Zone Link Client allows you to communicate with other Zone Link users from within the game (includes in-game chat).

Not only that.

If you are a streamer you can link your streaming services and have your viewer's messages appear in the game.

Naturally the system comes with message filtering and limiting tools which allow you to decide which or whose messages will appear in the game.


Zone Link comes with custom modifiers (special abilities) which can be triggered by mutants under different circumstances.

The modifiers range from simple ones like detonation and electric discharge all the way to dodging abilities, vampirism, anomaly trails, buffs and many many more.

Zone Link allows your viewers to spawn mutants with the abilities of their choice and companion or enemy stalkers with a selected loadout.

If you are not a streamer Zone Link comes with an option to convert every or some mutants in the zone to one with the modifiers.


The modification allows other users to interact with your character.

They can attempt to steal your items (can be countered) or even gift you some.

They also have the ability to apply negative effects to your character such as radiation or bleeding (can be countered). Naturally they can also cure them.

The modification also includes special features like trading and more.


The modification grants you the ability to roleplay too.

Both stream viewers and Zone Link users will have access to the !rp command which will make their message look like any other stalker's.

If that wasn't enough you and other users can also impersonate the game's story characters, random stalkers or even mutants.

Additionally the system allows users to send fake notifications to another Zone Link user's PDA.

D.o. N.o.t. G.e.t. F.o.o.l.e.d.

Zone Link also allows the users to create fake sound effects in 3d space (including fake hit effects) ranging from mutant roars, gunfire and many more.

The sound effects can also be configured to move instead of being just static (for example another user being wounded (no damage just the effect) and then being able to hear that the bloodsucker is running away).

W.e.a.t.h.e.r. C.o.n.t.r.o.l.

Are you tired of constant rain, storms, fog and you want a nice sunny weather ?

Or maybe you actually want the bad weather ?

You are in luck. Zone Link allows other users to control the weather in your game. There's a catch though. They can also trigger Blowouts and Psi-Storms and more (below).

S.p.e.c.i.a.l. E.v.e.n.t.s.

The default game has Blowouts and Psi-Storms. Zone Link has its own events. Waves of mutants ? Special effects ? You name it.

Those events can happen randomly or they can be triggered by other users on purpose.